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outdoor camera help

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  • May 26th, 2020 9:33 pm
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outdoor camera help

Looking to improve my outdoor camera situation... A few years ago I had started to play in this space and picked up an Amcrest POE bullet cam (I can't remember which model) and hooked it up to an old PC i had kicking around, using iVideon software. But the playback is a bit jittery and slow at times, not sure if that's just the age of my PC, or the app it's running). The software is far from sophisticated... And I'd like to get at least 2 cameras, maybe even a third/fourth for side/backyard plus a doorbell camera.

I've considered getting some Nest cameras, I like the 24/7 and event cloud storage (i don't mind paying for the service). However, I do have POE available already, and find that this would be easier than the power cord that comes with the nest cams (I'd have to drill big holes, or add some outlets in my soffits) and they would be wifi as opposed to a wired connection. My wifi is sufficiently strong, i just prefer wired when possible over wifi as a general rule!

So I guess the question is... is there a similar camera setup with cloud-based 24/7 and event storage options, good video quality, that I can hardwire with POE, and pair up with a good cloud service?

Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!