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Outlook & Office Communicator work but Browsers lose internet connectivity

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  • Jul 15th, 2015 3:39 pm
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Apr 21, 2004
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Outlook & Office Communicator work but Browsers lose internet connectivity

I'm not sure why it's happening but it seems that every hour or so my Chrome and IE browsers would lose internet connectivity while my corporate laptop is still connected to the Outlook Exchange server as well as Office Communicator. A few minutes after, internet browsing will be back up. I don't have admin privileges on this corporate laptop and none of my colleagues encounter this drop on browser internet connectivity. This happens whether I'm on the wireless network or wired.

I look the issue up and found this interesting article:
Browser Won't See Internet But Outlook Works ... 71644.html

then this reading leads me to another article on DNS flushing:
How to clear/flush the DNS cache in Google Chrome? ... gle-chrome

Towards the middle of the page, I noticed this advice and because I also use IE, it makes sense to flush the DNS.

Clicking "clear host cache" in chrome://net-internals/#dns should do it for Google Chrome, but there are other DNS caches to consider on your machine.
ipconfig /flushdns

Any other possible reasons why this happens? I have a few office mates that have installed the non-admin installation of Chrome too.



Just got disconnected again for 1-2 minutes at 3:48 pm. Just switched to wired now.