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Mar 13, 2003
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9thGenCivicSi wrote: The prime minister said today that he is in discussion with the premiers to make 10 days paid sick leave mandatory for all workers across Canada.

"Nobody should have to choose between taking sick leave or paying their bills," Justin Trudeau said during his daily press briefing today.

Trudeau added that Ottawa is continuing discussions with provincial leaders to ensure that the policy is implemented when the economy begins recovering from the pandemic.

"We will also be looking at other longer-term mechanisms to support workers who need sick leave," he added.
Lol, do you think Kenney or Ford are interested in Trudeau's ask?
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Aug 25, 2015
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Pronoia wrote: This is what I was worried about.

I sure hope the government doesn't expect small businesses to pay for these sick days.

Will business owners get paid sick days too?
businesses will not foot the whole brunt of the 10 paid sick days, it'll be crazy to think they'll do albeit some are already doing it. it can be a 1/3 federal, provincial and businesses. most businesses already offer 3 days
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Apr 2, 2020
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The government spends billions to help small businesses now this? If the government wants paid sick days, they should pay for them themselves!
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Jul 13, 2012
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Even Wynne only required two sick days a year; I guess she was a lot more realistic.
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Sep 1, 2004
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Pronoia wrote: This is what I was worried about.

I sure hope the government doesn't expect small businesses to pay for these sick days.

Will business owners get paid sick days too?
They are only talking to province to start a conversation of paying sick days since this is NOT a federal jurisdiction. Labour law is provincial.

It's sort of an empty promise.

In theory, it sounds good that people should stay home if they are sick. A lot of white collar jobs already enjoy this benefit.

In practice, there are definitely lots of employee exploiting it, especially at the lower end wages. And given this will be only effective if employee is honest about it (like not needing a doctor's note or something), I doubt it'll go anywhere.

Now a 4 (32hr) day work week that's been talked about a lot in today's news sounds interesting.
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Oct 7, 2007
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Pronoia wrote: Hopefully the government, and not the small business will pay the sick days. Of course, I'm sure most small businesses don't need another excuse for their employees to phone in sick for work.
The government is still the people and will end up being an additional tax to all of us including small businesses. The government seems to love playing Santa Claus without recognizing that we are being burdened with more and more taxes while decreasing the value we get for it. Adding more and more entitlements is just going to end up making it near impossible for the private sector, especially small businesses to operate, such that we turn into a country whose primary industry is government.

What happens when the government is so big that it cannot feed itself? I think we might be there already.
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Jan 21, 2018
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This is more of a concern for some sectors than others. Every company I've ever worked for has had at least 2 weeks paid sick leave. Our own small company policy is 12 days (not rigidly enforced), after which the intention is that EI sick leave would pick up, then LTD benefits (assuming the person applies for those benefits). I don't think it has ever been abused, or that anyone ever had to go past 12 days.

The issue small business fears is that their employees would treat a government-imposed program like the ridiculously over-generous sick-leave benefit that government employees get, where they come to see it as right to take an extra 2 weeks off per year just because they can, and if they don't they must be paid out for "unused" sick time when they leave/retire.

It's all too easy for politicians to buy favor with the public by mandating that companies pay for a new benefit, as they did when they mandated an extra statutory holiday. Let's see the government pay for it if they want to impose new requirements!
May 20, 2020
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scouzer wrote: Lol, do you think Kenney or Ford are interested in Trudeau's ask?
Doug Ford says he doesn't support federal paid sick leave plan
Premier Doug Ford said today that he doesn't support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to enact a national 10 days paid sick leave policy.

"I don’t support it. We have legislation that protects jobs," Ford said during today's news conference at Queen's Park.

He said that paid sick leave was a priority for British Columbia, but "there wasn’t too much take up" on that issue from other premiers. Ford said he would rather see federal money go toward long-term care or cash-strapped municipalities.

Trudeau has proposed giving the provinces $14 billion in the form of targeted transfers to help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Ford countered today that Ontario alone needs $23 billion.

The prime minister has not yet indicated how the national sick leave policy would be paid for.