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Panel swap and arc fault breakers requirements Ontario

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  • May 7th, 2020 9:04 am
May 6, 2020
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Panel swap and arc fault breakers requirements Ontario

Hey so I have to change a old 100 amp panel to a new one, but I’m wondering will I run into issues installing arc fault breakers if neutrals are shared anywhere in the house as the original house wiring is staying and I have to get the panel inspected so I don’t want to be any defects. Or am I required to install arc fault breakers as it is existing wiring? Thanks in advance for your help
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You are going to need to deep dive into the Code for this one or at least grab one of the "Coles Notes" versions. An ESA inspector is going to really check your work and I would be surprised if you will even be able to get a disconnect from your local utility anytime soon. All the ones in my area are only doing emergency disconnects.

I believe there is another thread for electrician questions and you should be able to find answers there if you use the search function.

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You do not require any arc fault breakers for anything that is not presently on an arc fault breaker in your existing panel.

Any new circuits in the future will have to be completed to the code at the time of install so they will require arc fault protection.

EDIT: Make sure your gas line is bonded to the water line (or other house ground) as they always check for that.