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Jun 26, 2016
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Pantry Moths

I bought a condo and unfortunately it had pantry moths that I only saw after the purchase. I got abell to spray for them before anything was in the unit. Now 2 months later I see a few flying around again. I have traps but they arent catching any of them. I cant seem to find the source, I make sure that all the food is sealed. Does anyone have experience with pantry moths and has some advice on how to get rid of them?
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Feb 11, 2007
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We had them previously in our condo as well. Clean all of your kitchen cupboards, etc. and put out the traps. Eventually you will catch all of them, but it can take a while. They're not deadly or gross so not too big of a deal. Also get one of those electric swatters for fun :)

In your case, they could be coming in from other units, so follow where your pipes/vents go and make sure any holes are sealed with expanding foam.
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