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[Papa John's Pizza] 40% off any pizza at Regular Menu Price the day after a Grand Slam

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  • Jul 12th, 2018 12:26 am
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Mar 26, 2015
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thebigbully wrote: Is the pizza worth it?
I really enjoy the "John's Favourite" pizza. The garlic dip that comes with the pizza is awesome. In my opinion, this is better than Domino's and the cheap fast food pizza. Really only worth it though if you have a 40-50% off coupon IMO.
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Apr 8, 2005
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I really like Papa John's pizza. An extra-large with 4 toppings is $15+tax with the papaslam. Lately I've been getting the white sauce and it's great, though I was a fan of the tomato sauce as well, so whatever you're in the mood for imo. One thing about the garlic dip DanielSales mentions: if it's not in liquid form when you pull the lid, just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Sometimes the heat of the pizza in the box only softens the dip and doesn't melt it.
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Jan 12, 2017
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whats the cdn URL to order? i got usa email for papajohns for like 3toppings large for 10bucks but thats usd lol...i cant find the cdn link, when i enter postal code i get error :( tia
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May 23, 2003
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mikka2017 wrote: .i cant find the cdn link, when i enter postal code i get error :( tia
I just went to papajohns.com and when I enter my postal code under locations (for pickup) it works and brings up the locations. There is a new one opening up pretty close to me so I will give them a try with one of these deals.

BTW, I entered my postal code without a space in case that made a difference.
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Sep 20, 2005
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BenDover1 wrote: wish they had more locations around the GTA
Had Papa Johns in the US, makes Pizza Pizza taste like dog food.


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