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Feb 18, 2014
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HailHydra wrote: Guys come on, you're being too sensitive about the issue. Diesel-gate aside, It's like someone not buying a Volkswagen car because the company was founded by Nazis in 1937.

What some guy says has no bearing on the young teenagers slapping together my pizza at my local Papa John's, nor the franchisee who owns the joint.
Totally agree.

I never had Papa John's, I just make mine at home.


Pizza Nova, by far, has the best tasting pizza.
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Jul 11, 2006
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After reading all of the comments in this thread, there is really only one real question left...

Does Kevin Spacey eat Papa John's Pizza?????

Mar 9, 2013
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I have read the comments in this post about the CEO and it's honestly a bit sad to see how people view the Papa John's brand after what the CEO. I have a friend who works at a store and I just want to say that most of the locations, if not all, are owned and operated independently. I don't see why the people who do a great job at each individual store should suffer from customers not wanting to order because someone in management (CEO) said something wrong. I mean, the brand removed him and indicated to the public that they don't support this type of behavior so I am shocked to see why people still hesitant to order their pizzas. I have worked at Domino's before and Papa John's pizza tastes a lot better, from their dough to sauce to the toppings.


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