Paradise Day Sun Dec 8 1 pm Renovated Paradise Theatre 1006 Bloor St W

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Paradise Day Sun Dec 8 1 pm Renovated Paradise Theatre 1006 Bloor St W

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    Sunday, Dec 8
    Trouble In Paradise
    Cinema Paradiso
    Phantom of the Paradise
    Stranger Than Paradise
Paradise is located between the accessible Dufferin St and Ossington St subway stations (three-minute walk from Ossington’s Delaware exit), as well as accessible bus stops on Dufferin St and Dovercourt Rd.

There is a Green P parking lot directly behind the building. There are bike parking spaces on the surrounding blocks.

Paradise Points..

A stalwart venue on Toronto’s west end, Paradise was called a “brick theatorium” in its original 1909 building application, and we’re proud to have not strayed far in the intervening century.

Today, the 208-seat venue at the heart of Paradise offers the ultimate in comfort and state-of-the-art technology, with 4K digital projection and a retractable screen for seamless transition between film and live performance.
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