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Paying Enercare $50/month Water Heater Rental? NEW HOME

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  • Apr 23rd, 2021 7:06 pm
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Dec 12, 2007
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Paying Enercare $50/month Water Heater Rental? NEW HOME

Hi guys, I looked around RFD and looks like most people are paying way less on their water heater units. I'm wondering why they are charging me $50 / month in including taxes. Seems excessive?
The unit is: Envirosense Power Vent Water Heater - MODEL 6G50 76N SERIES 110
http://www.gsw-wh.com/assets/documents/ ... 04-000.pdf
https://www.enercare.ca/sites/default/f ... _Table.pdf

The cost is $3500 to buy it out since its my first year of ownership - Envirosense 5076 PV
Hopefully this table helps out some other people

I called them and they gave me 3/mo free rental and said I can call back once that 3/month period is up to get a reduced buyout amount
Should I keep this unit and pay the $3500? Seems like a lot to me! OR should I look into other water heaters?
Our home is new and the unit is less than a year old. Seems to do a good job, other than how quickly we get hot water in the upstairs washrooms in the morning in winter - takes about a minute sometimes...

Looking for guidance before I bite the bullet and pay $3500 + HST to buy this unit out. What other option do I have?
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Dec 19, 2009
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Striderg3 wrote: The unit is: Envirosense Power Vent Water Heater - MODEL 6G50 76N SERIES 110
What is the retail purchase price for this heater?
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Jul 4, 2004
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This is something everyone buying a new home needs to be aware of, with some builders both the furnace and air conditioner are rentals too alongside that water heater.

I understand the financial motives of the builders as they get a backend payout for each one of these that get installed hence why the buyouts for these are big too. Just imagine what the monthly rental of a furnace, air conditioner along with the water heater would be? Worse than any horror movie that I could think of.
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