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PayPal fees

I’ve agreed to do a small project for a friend who runs a small business. To ensure everything is documented properly for her business accountant, I’m going to send her an invoice for the time I spent on the project (I am not a business owner myself, I have a job, I’m just doing a small project as a contractor). If I invoice her through PayPal and she pays via credit card, what fees can I expect to pay? I’ve read the PayPal website but I’m just not sure.

Edit: I think the answer is 2.9% + $0.30. Is this correct?
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Nov 6, 2014
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Why not ask her to etransfer you the money owing? Should be more cost effective than Paypal.
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prepare an invoice in excel/word (there are templates) and request a cheque and/or e-transfer. Doesn't need to be credit card to be "official". Then, once she settles you can send her a follow-up invoice showing the amount as paid in full (with the cheque # or e-transfer # on it if you wish).

Also, don't charge HST unless you have an HST registration # (you don't).


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