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Jul 26, 2009
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Feast your eyes on the console patch notes!

PS3 and Xbox 360:
- Tower Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
- Pet Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
- Giraffes are now awarded at Wave 25 and survival stability is also correspondingly improved
- Mistymire weapons now have their appropriate artwork and will save on your hero. (Which means Mistymire reward weapons should not disappear!) Added DLC 2 (Desert Town) weapons/pet as well for that upcoming release. (There's a technical issue with the Mistymire pet, so we're unable to bring that to you. Sorry about that!)
- Raised Level Cap to 78 and added higher-quality items as a result
- Fixed last-minute hero-swapping bug
- Fixed Treasure Hunt skipping issue
- Fixed a potential save corruption case (We never reproduced it here in the office, so this potential fix is mostly guesswork.)
- Fixed bandwidth issue with projectile towers that will also resolve various online latency issues (weapons not appearing, invisible enemies, etc.)
- Squire Towers are a bit less damaging
- You can now have spaces in hero names from the initial Create Hero UI
- Fixed Obedience Training accomplishment to include certain extra Pet variants
- Made Achievements/Trophies attempt to unlock at regular intervals when the Accomplishments are checked (catches any cases where the Achievement or Trophy was not awarded at the time)
- Non-DLC players should no longer have trouble joining DLC Taverns
- Increased the Hero Cap value of all Stats (except for Run Speed) from 70 to 120
- Increased the Mana Cap to 200 million and added four extra item pages to the forge

Xbox 360:
- Fixed tavern unlock glitch

- Left Analog stick fix
- Added French, Italian, German, Spanish localization for DLCs
- Fixed case where owners of PS Plus exclusive DLC (Monkey & other Pets) may not have been able to connect sometimes online with other players

Note from Jeremy: Sorry about the not-earning-Trophies-on-secondary accounts. We wanted to do this for the original game and originally had it like that, but it was a Sony Technical Requirement for Certification that such functionality be disabled
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dark8paladin wrote: Feast your eyes on the console patch notes!
Did you really dig up a two year old thread just to post patch notes?
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Sep 23, 2007
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The odd part is, those patch notes are from 2012.

I think we hit a time warp.


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