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PC RGB Lightning newbie, need help.

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Sep 5, 2005
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PC RGB Lightning newbie, need help.


There is 12 years since i build a computer, so i'm building a new one.
Heres is the build:
I already got all my parts, all is missing is a PSU and RGB Fans.

I'm a little lost about what i need, how to connect and compatibily for my RGB Illumination.

My Case is a Lian Li PC O11D XL, i will need to buy 7 RGB Fans. (3x 120mm side intake, 3x 120mm top exhaust and 1x 120 mm back exhaust)
The case have a embedded RGB Light strip.

How to plug and control all that?

My motherboard is a MSI X570 Unify, it'a a All Black MB with NO RGB. Since the MB do not have RGB, i suppose i can still control the color and the speed of the RGB fans ?

So, how i plug all that, what i need and how i will control colors of the rgb light strip on the case and control the speed and colors of the fans?

I also want to be possible to complely turn off lighning on the fans.

Thank and sorry for english.
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Sep 5, 2005
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Hi, since my Motherboard is an MSI (Mystic Light) i would like compatible rgb fans, so i tought of Antec Prizm ARGB Fans + Controller.

On my Mother board, i have those connectors:

SYS_FAN1-5 : 5x fan connector. (4-pin)
JRGB1: RGB Led connector (4-pin)
JRAINBOW1-2: 2x Adressable RGB Led Connector (3-pin)
JCORSAIR1: Corsair Connector (3-pin)

Since my case can take 10 fans, if i buy 2x 5fans kit with controller:
Is the right way to connect that would be:

1- Connecting first controller to SYS_FAN1 and JRAINBOW1 connector and connecting 5x fans to the controller.
2- Connecting second controller to SYS_FAN2 and JRAINBOW2 connector and connecting 5x fans to the controller.
This way i could use the 10x adressable RGB fan and sync with the MSI Mystic Light software??

Second thing, My Lian Li PC-O11D XL, have a front LED Strip with a controller into the case. (This controller can sync only with Asus Auro) so i will not be able to use it with the MSI Software but still can use the predetermied fonctions on the controller.
But there is a warning on case web page: "Make sure to connect the 3-pin header of the controller to the 3-pin header of the motherboard, do not connect it to the 4-pin header or unrecoverable damage will occur".
So the JRGB1 connector left on my motherboard is a 4-pin one. how should i connect the case light strip on my motherboard?

Thank for help!! sorry i'm newbie.