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Sep 1, 2010
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Pergola ideas?

Just wondering if anyone have pergola attached with home, any good design idea or could share picture?
Do or Don't etc.
Will it look ugly if I cover with transparent or metal sheet.
I have raised deck 4 ft over which I am planning/designing pergola.
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May 23, 2009
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You are better off searching google images for picture ideas. Just look for the key words that match your design idea..."classic pergola" "modern pergola" "pergola on low deck" " sloped pergola" "polycarbonate roof pergola" etc.

Check your local building code for what is allowed as per bylaw and check if you need a permit. Your profile says GTA so I'll use Mississauga as an example since that is the city that I looked into for my case. In Mississauga you can't legally build it as the bylaw restricts the height to 10ft which is pretty much impossible on your 4ft high deck. Attached to the house also raises the permit question. In Mississauga if you add a polycarbonate transparent or metal sheet roof then it will no longer be classified as a pergola, it will be a gazebo and you will have to think of the roof slope for rain/snow. Also the regulations for a gazebo vs pergola are slightly different.

http://www6.mississauga.ca/onlinemaps/p ... ergola.pdf