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Periodic Condo AC inspection came back with 3k replacement quote.

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  • Aug 27th, 2021 1:36 pm
Jul 27, 2020
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West GTA
licenced wrote: Do not attempt it ourself, and while you own the fan coil components, the condo board may own some of the interconnected components. Some condos also have a requirement to use the service they use so check with them first.
checked with condo board, they themselves recommended to take second opinion.
the components are all owned by the unit owners.The mgmt mentioned that they facilitate maintenance - the seasonal filter change - as a courtesy for all.
The system itself hasn't had any issues...cools and heats perfect controlled by NEST thermostat (i suppose that doesn't matter)
from the looks, the pan looks bad but everything else can be cleaned perhaps, insulation replaced + suggested epoxy for pan
with one of us out of job..spending 3k is not ideal for our finances as of now :(
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Nov 21, 2013
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GoodFellaz wrote: sure and breath in the airbourne mould spores and have severe respitory issues right? your health should be more important to saving a few bucks on maintenance
You are right. But mould can be cleaned and sanitized. Why replace a working unit? Just have it cleaned. And this is what we just had done last week for our ductledd minisplit unit. Condensor and evaporatore been cleaned, and looks like new. For sure there is no rust in our unit, but, again, if it's working why replace it?
Jul 27, 2020
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West GTA
Got a quote for cleanup . Please advise if this looks good?

1. Fan coil cabinet enclosure replacement: Remove and scrape old fiberglass insulation, remove old glue of each wall , install new rubber closed cell insulation - $750+tax
(have no idea what rubber closed cell insulation is)
2. Drain pan refresh using epoxy: $250 +tax
3. Calcium residue cleanup on pipes : $100 +tax

Total: $1100 +tax
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Jan 21, 2014
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My build is 30+ years too and our fan coil units (1 big and 1 smaller) are much better shape than OP's (from pictures). But due to rust residues blocked the drain pipe causing flooding on the main unit. We opened them both up and noticed moulding on the insulation and some on the pipes on both units. Despite they are still working fine, we plan to replace both with the same brand we have now (Unliux). It will be expensive, around $7500 for both (tax included). I guess like someone mentioned earlier, health is more important. We didn't know how long ago the mould has appeared and I bet you if you go to other units in the building, you will see the same thing, people just not aware of it. They said Unilux usually lasts 20 years and ours already > 30 years, I guess it's time to replace