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Petro-Canada Mobility ??? question about Canada-wide calling

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  • Nov 26th, 2017 1:58 pm
Nov 25, 2017
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Petro-Canada Mobility ??? question about Canada-wide calling

I've been living abroad for over 10 years and recently returned to Canada, so I'm not familiar with how phone packages work here. I'm living in Ontario with an Ottawa number, and I'm going home to BC for a few months, before returning to Ontario.

I have the Text-a-Lot Plan, which gives me 100 minutes of Canada-wide calls a month. What I'm wondering is, does that allow me to make 100 minutes of calls to anywhere in Canada and also from anywhere in Canada? Or would calls that I made/received while in BC be treated differently? (I only call within Canada – no international.)

I've looked on the website, but their information is limited. I know I could call them, but I've had to talk to them several times before, and they seemed to not have any idea what they were talking about. They kept giving me conflicting information. So I thought maybe someone on here might actually know.

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Aug 22, 2017
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I would presume where ever you use the phone without Roaming. Because on my wife's Koodo canada-wide calling plan she can be in Montreal or in Toronto and make and receive calls without being charged any extra's. Which towers do the Petro Canada plans utilize? As long as your in the zone of that provider you'll be safe.