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pex with Poly alloy fittings

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Jan 1, 2013
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pex with Poly alloy fittings


i just did a first walk through of my new build and i noticed Poly alloy fittings was used on the plumbing.
i don't know if my builder are cutting corner using plastic instead of brass.
Heard plastic fitting gets brittle overtime and they don't last as long as brass.
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Nov 6, 2014
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Depends which pex. Is it pex A or B? I have Pex A (uponor) which needs to be expanded onto fittings and all my fittings are plastic. 25 years and not one issue. If you have a crimp ring (pex B) on a plastic fitting, I'd be worried.
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Nov 16, 2011
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is this a custom build or just a mass produced survey build ??
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Feb 25, 2004
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Personally I prefer brass because it is stronger and the flow is better (my water quality is good so corrosion is not an issue and the builder used brass anyway so I continued to use it in renovations) but both have advantages and can do the job. Obviously brass is more expensive so I can easily see the builder using the cheaper alternative (no surprise there).
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