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Phone Insurance via Asurion / Rogers

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Nov 3, 2016
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Phone Insurance via Asurion / Rogers

Just want to hear everyone who has dealt with a claim through Asurion and there experience with them...

In February, I got a new phone through Rogers, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Just a few weeks ago I had dropped it and it started malfunctioning, dropping battery life significantly, would only charge when it wanted to (I've tried different chargers and even spent $30 on a new charger to see if it worked, didn't charge), froze, and heated up to the point where it was getting uncomfortable to hold... So I called Rogers and they told me they do not deal with phone repairs or replacements and that I had to call my phone insurance company. They gave me the number and I called. I had to print, fill out and send back an affidavit form, along with my ID and verify ownership of the phone. I completed all that and uploaded to the website like they asked, and they had to review it and took about 24 hours. They had called back saying my claim has been approved and that I had to go back online to there website to pick the phone I wanted as they didn't carry the black samsung s6 anymore. I ended up choosing the Samsung Galaxy S7... There was a little surprise at the end of the phone selection page, I had to pay $200 deductible after I've been paying $10 a month for insurance. I feel like this was a hidden cost that rogers did not want to tell me because I assume they want to make as much money as they can, right?

I paid the $200 deductible, waited for another 24 hours and they sent me an email saying my phone is out for delivery. Yes, I'm excited BUT I've seen some reviews about how they send you refurbished defective phone, take forever to receive the shipment and so on. I'm not to worried about the deliver as it is coming from Brampton and I'm 10 minutes south of Barrie.

So my question is, has anyone here had any experience with Asurion? If so, what was your experience like, and what was your replacement device like?

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Gee wrote: Why didn't you get the S8? If the only cost is the $200 deductible?
I'm also puzzled by this. Why didn't @TWJordan29 take the Galaxy S8 or S8+, or even an iPhone?
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Gee wrote: Why didn't you get the S8? If the only cost is the $200 deductible?
They will exchange for a similar device. I'm guessing the S8 wasn't available to select as the S7 is the closest comparable device they had.

Also, their site does indicate the deductible can indeed be up to $200. That's still reasonable as you're getting a refurbished replacement phone for quite a bit less than what you'd have to spend out of pocket.

http://www.rogers.com/web/content/hands ... fective--1