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Phones getting more expensive?

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  • Feb 6th, 2020 2:07 pm
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Nov 10, 2018
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Phones getting more expensive?

Please don't punish the messenger here.

I guess post the last Rogers earnings call and thus the axing of the Edge/Tab program, phones have gotten more expensive across the board?

I mean, at Freedom Mobile, for a Samsung S10, it used to be that on a $75/month plan the phone was 'free'. Now, on the same plan, it's a whopping $30/month. e.g. it's gotten MORE expensive.

What's going on here?
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Nov 16, 2013
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New Brunswick
After Christmas the prices always go back up.
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Sep 23, 2009
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Freedom Mobile wanted to get more subscribers so giving a free phone was worth it for them.

In the long run, they can't charge a customer $1,000 over the life of the plan and give up $1,000 in phones and sign up bonuses.

To think they would continue down that path is not realistic.

You have seen that Rogers has been impacted by Freedom and has made Bring your own phone plans down to Freedom levels.

Of course, in typical Rogers fashion, they may just be offering stuff at a higher price so that when a "sale" comes it looks better.
Nov 23, 2004
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I don't support the carriers - lots of good phones you can buy without paying overpriced carrier fees and continuing to support gouging. My Pixel 3a, bought directly from Google, is the best phone I've ever owned. There's lots of others in that price range too.

Instead of financing or paying extra on your plan for a phone, set that money aside each month and when you're ready for a new phone you'll have saved enough to cash buy something decent. Plus, you can hop around phone plans a lot easier and save even more money because you aren't tied to having to pay out a phone at a certain carrier. I change carriers almost annually because my last carrier always calls me up with some sweet winback offer that the current one can't match and I'll happily take money saved any day.
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Feb 13, 2015
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This is why i buy phones outright that are on sale, or bnib on kijiji. I would never support those sleazy carriers.
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