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Aug 23, 2019
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Pillow suggestions

I ve been looking for a pillow for a while but cant really go in store and sctually try them.
I prefer something medium firm that doesn't collapse under my head and also I am a hot head. Had a foam pillow with cooler mat and would wake with sweaty face at night.
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Oct 13, 2008
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jysk ... order online ... pickup at store. don't like it ... return it at the store.

amazon. order online ... get it delivered. don't like it ... return it.

walmart. order online ... get it delivered. don't like it ... return it at the store.
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Dec 13, 2008
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Sleep Factory would not have been my first choice. But they had a Christmas sale.

After a dozen or more pillows so we bought two with a Lavender scent, two years ago. Not cheap for sure, but.

They are perfect. Good support, no deterioration. Still the best yet.
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May 17, 2006
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My personal fav is the Coop Eden. Adjustable and sleeps cool. Have tried other (expensive) pillows and it came out on top.