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Please help me pick a tv

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  • Jan 7th, 2010 6:22 pm
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Oct 30, 2009
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b1unt3d wrote: +1. The reason sony and samsung get recommended so much is because they are the best. Personally i am not a big sony fan as i find them overpriced, but i am a huge samsung fan for lcd based electronics. Not so much on the plasma side though.
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Mar 3, 2004
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LoL this thread is full of misinformation.

Plasma cheaper than LCD? huh? LCD looks better?

I recently got a Pioneer plasma pro111fd, it is definitely not cheaper than a LCD and definitely no LCD looks better.
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Oct 21, 2009
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Samsung for LCD

Panasonic/Pioneer for Plasma
Oct 23, 2008
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I currently own a Samsung 32" LCD (32a450) and a Panasonic 50" plasma (50G15). I owned a Samsung 46b750 for a month but returned it.

Here's a brief guide to help you in your purchase:

- Smaller form factors
- Uses less energy
- Brighter whites
- Limited viewing angles (varies LCD to LCD)
- Refresh rate: slow (varies LCD to LCD)

- Better size/$
- Consumes more power (getting better)
- Deeper blacks
- Unlimited viewing angles
- Refresh rate: not an issue

I went for the Samsung LCD in the bedroom due to the size. I didn't want to go any bigger than 32" and LCD was therefore the only choice. Furthermore, since I am directly in front of the TV in my bed, viewing angles are not a concern.

I went for the Panasonic Plasma in the living room because its use is primarily for movies and sports. Deep blacks and an excellent refresh rate were therefore very important to me. As well, the seating in the living room is spread out, so good viewing angles were essential.

I initially tried the Samsung 46b750 in my living room. I was not impressed with the 240Hz feature. Depending on what I was watching, I would need to continuously adjust it. The black levels bothered me when watching movies. Stepping a foot to the left or right would cause the color to wash and with my seating arrangement, this did not work.

So what TV can you buy that is better than the 46b750? Well better depends on your needs. So if you let us know what your room arrangement is and what the TV will be primarily used for we can hopefully give you a better idea :)


Here is my take on some of the HDTV companies (not necessarily relevant to OP's needs):

Samsung in general has questionable business practices that I'm surprised competitors have not exploited more. They use different panels made by different companies for any one model. Generally, the higher the model number (ie 750) the greater the chance of the TV containing a higher-quality Samsung S panel. I have been fortunate to get S panels in all of the Samsungs that I have owned- but my only real reason for purchasing them was price (I got in on the $1.300 "price error" on the 750 a while back). Price is obviously important but should not be the sole reason for a purchase as I am still slowly trying to learn!

From what I've read on various sites, Sony has recently switched over to Sharp for manufacturing their LCDs. Sharp has a very strong reputation and will infact be producing the new Pioneer LCD lineup that is replacing the ultra high-end Pioneer Elite Plasmas.

I have yet to hear anything good about LG in the real world (although at trade shows they seem to be able to get quite a bit of attention).
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Aug 26, 2001
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I disagree that Plasmas can be cheaper than LCDs - in Canada, at least, plasmas seem to be more expensive than LCDs across the board.

The exception would be the off-brand plasmas - by that I mean plasmas by companies who don't really have a "plasma" reputation. Like LG. Yeah they're cheap, but do you really want an LG plasma?


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