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Please Help! Smartphone and plan!

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Jul 9, 2019
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Please Help! Smartphone and plan!

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for recommendations on smartphones and plans. I'm in the Kitchener area. I do not currently have a smartphone or plan.
I would like a smartphone that has:
-a great camera and video - especially in low-light conditions (i.e. when at parties - weddings, concerts, etc.)
-a headphone jack (if that still exists?)

And a plan that includes long distance (Ontario only I'm interested in)...some data - I really don't know how much. I'm assuming unlimited text is usually now included in most plans.

Sorry in advance if I wasn't specific enough - just need some suggestions of phones and plans as I keep getting more confused going into stores with all their options. The phone quality is important to me as I'll keep it for a while...or suggestions if it's better to buy the phone outright and shop for a plan. Not loyal to any carrier.

Also - have seen pics and videos from Samsung A70 - and wasn't happy with it - just as a baseline.
Also - I'm looking for 'good' storage - I know that with the pixel you can save them to your drive but I would prefer storage on the phone or with an external card...but suggestions welcome.

Thank you in advance. Any other info you may require, please let me know.
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It would help if you tell us how much you want to spend monthly. Do you want to pay for the phone upfront (if yes, how much are you willing to spend?) or are you willing to sign up for a 24 month commitment.

What didn't you like about the A70?

Long distance to where?

What do you plan to do with data? It will help in determining how much you will need. Do you have access to wifi at work or home?


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