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Plumbers Putty - Yay or Nay for Kitchen Faucet?

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Nov 6, 2015
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Plumbers Putty - Yay or Nay for Kitchen Faucet?

Related to my earlier thread, now I'm installing new faucet.

The sink mount comes with a gasket and the instructions don't mention using plumber's putty, but oddly the box recommends it as a "useful tool". Different websites say different things, some that you don't need it with gasket, some say "professionals" always use it and a gasket will wear out much quicker. One site said don't use it in visible areas (so where faucet is) as it will not look nice.

So, yes or no, and why?

Also, if I do use it, I'm confused on application. Do you use it with the gasket, or instead of? If with, is the putty on the outside of the rubber part of the gasket, or under the rubber of the gasket? In a This Old House video, he actually packs a bunch of putty to fill up the entire inner area of the plate, instead of a thin bead around the edges like most other directions I've seen.

Here's the Old House vid:

Also, can you use the sink right away if using putty?

I'm tempted to just use the gasket since that's all the instructions with the sink mention. If later I find that leaks, I guess I could take it off and then add the putty and put it back?
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Sep 12, 2017
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Well it all depends. If the rubber gasket fits well to the sink I just use that. I put a small bit of silicone on either side of the gasket to assist the seal. If the drain area of the sink is very curved so the drain and washer doesn't sit in nicely I'll roll up some plumbers putty and make a fairly thick bead to replace the rubber seal.

Its also important to put some plumbers putty into the threads of the drain body where the mack washer will sit. They're the most troublesome area for small leaks. Just push it in with your thumb to fill in the threads. A small bead of silicone goes on top of the mack washer to help seal it to the sink.

Plumbers putty doesn't really ever set. So there's no need to wait to use the sink.

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Oct 22, 2016
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For the new faucet, I installed one in bathroom recently. It came with a gasket, and I used that in installing it. It leaked, so I re-did it and installed plumbers putty this time with gasket. No more leaks.
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Nov 6, 2015
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Guelph, ON
So in the end I found the plate sat pretty solidly on the sink and I decided to not use the putty. Got it all installed, no leaks so far (hope it's one of those things that either happens immediately or no at all).

Did my large load of dishes that have been gathering since Saturday - everything worked perfectly!
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Jun 24, 2015
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my sink came with a gasket for the basket strainers so i used that and it was perfectly fine no leaks. my bath tubs have plumbers putty cus i can see it the guy did not wipe the excess away it hardened
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