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POP (Proof of purchase) when selling console on Kijiji

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Sep 30, 2014
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Toronto, ON

POP (Proof of purchase) when selling console on Kijiji

Hi all,

I'm just curious WHAT people typically provide when selling video game consoles on Kijiji. I see a people mentioning that they have receipts but if they purchase something using a credit card, I'm guessing they wouldn't want to give that to the buyer even though usually most of the CC number is hidden, as there could be other "personal" information. But I'm also sure the seller would want something just in case of warranty requirements.
So do they provide the actual original receipt? Original receipt with some info blacked out? Gift receipt?

Thanks in advance!
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Apr 11, 2006
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Warranty is the main reason to want proof of purchase. Just never know if you get a bad batch for whatever reason.

Sometimes people are afraid to provide because of the personal information as you've suggested or because they paid a lower than market price for it and don't want you to see it.

I remember when I bought my PS4 off someone, they gave me the receipt and they got it at a discount and paid for it using EB gift cards, but that was besides the point. The white PS4 was no where to be found (at the time), and it was the going price for the system, so no biggie. But for other people, that doesn't sit right with them.
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Feb 19, 2017
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Possible reasons

1) Personal info might be attached to the receipt including but not limited to CC number, name, address, account profile, reward card info, etc.

2) Honestly some people are just bad with paperwork and might not have it anymore

3) They might have other items attached to the same receipt

4) It might actually be a gift (or prize, drawing, reward, etc)

Probably a bunch more less likely reasons (say break-up, living arrangement splits, etc).
Sep 30, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Thanks for the responses.
I'm actually looking for WHAT people provide. Do they actually provide the original receipt? A gift receipt? Something else?
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Oct 14, 2014
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I've never sold a console but I have sold laptops and phones. Whenever someone insists on proof of purchase I make a copy, and black out the sensitive areas. No one has rejected that so far.
Feb 18, 2014
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With consoles the warranty is usually attached to the manufactured date, ex. if the console was made june 2018, the maker will give that console XX amount of time to sell, say 6months, so the warranty will begin Dec.2018. If you buying one you can always call the maker and ask them when the warranty expires. If the original buyer has already registered the console he/she will have to re-register the console to the new owner.
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May 31, 2006
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Depending on the store, the POS receipt is usually separate from the credit card receipt that gets printed from the terminal. I usually just show/provide the POS receipt because that's the thing that most people want. If CC numbers are printed on the main receipt, you can just cover it up with sharpie. I sell a lot of shoes and some buyers will request receipts to verify authenticity.


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