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Possible water leak and Tarion question

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  • May 12th, 2021 3:11 pm
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Jan 26, 2013
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Possible water leak and Tarion question

I noticed on my water submeter bill that there is about 5 liters of water being used daily, for days that nobody is present in the condo unit. I'm a first time homebuyer, and my condo is still under Tarion warranty.

I do not have a fridge with water supply, wasn't using the dishwasher, taps all appear to be shut off.

Does this necessarily mean that there may be a hidden water leak (or are water submeters often inaccurate?)?
If so, is this somewhat that I can claim with my new home warranty through Tarion - and do I need to find this (potential) leak before reporting it to Tarion or will the developer be responsible for finding where the leak may be and fixing it?

Thanks for your help.
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Jan 19, 2008
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the meter discrepancy would not be enough for Tarion or you builder to investigate. you will need to find the leak (if any) yourself
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Aug 28, 2010
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probably the toilet. shut off your toilet supply and see (when you are away)