Post-Graduate Certificate: Useful or not?

Dec 8, 2008
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Post-Graduate Certificate: Useful or not?

I'm currently an economics major in university, as I've seen many others are as well, and I want to go into Marketing. I really want to do a post-graduate certificate in a college as I think it would make me more employable. Although I know that everyone has to start at the bottom, I just think it makes sense to have some kind of marketing knowledge when trying to look for a job. How helpful are post-graduate certificates? Does my plan seem like a good one? My two favorite aspects of business is economics and marketing, and I feel that they would compliment each other well, and I could pull from economics in the marketing world. I do have knowledge regarding marketing and have taken a few courses, but I need proof of that.

I'm going into my third year of a 4 year bachelors degree, I have time, but because I've received so many different opinions, the issue is bothering me. I won't be able to speak to career advisers at school till the upcoming school year begins.

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 11, 2010
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If I were you I'd focus on applying to jobs and keep the diploma as a backup if nothing decent comes along. Also, start working for marketing companies part time to get into the industry, its not difficult to work for companies like Mosaic in the field. I've seen plenty of people impress in the field and move into the office at a marketing company I've worked for part time in Toronto.