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Pre-Authorized Payments and Tangerine Savings Account

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  • May 14th, 2015 11:46 pm
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Pre-Authorized Payments and Tangerine Savings Account

Can I set up Pre-Authorized payments from a Tangerine Savings Account? Is there a charge associated with doing it? I know Vancity charges 5 dollars for paying pre authroized payments with their savings account and its not possible to set it up with my PCF account (to my understanding). If someone has experience setting up pre-authorized payments using a Tangerine Savings Account please share your experience.
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Yes, you could do it free with Tangerine Savings account either deposit company paycheck, tax return or any kind preauthorize of payment (auto withdraw money) like paying full balance for credit card every month...

You need to give them your bank account details

Tangerine Account number: Your saving account number
Institution number: example 614
Transit number: example 00152

If they want a void cheque then you could login to your Tangerine account online, go to the Direct Deposit Form. Select your Savings account, print the form... ... epositForm