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prepaid Verizon samsung J3 mission

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Feb 4, 2007
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prepaid Verizon samsung J3 mission

We had gotten a prepaid verizon samsung j3 mission for a friend in USA but found out that he can't use it on postpaid unless the prepaid phone is activated for either a year or $50 payment is made.. Even though this was a CDMA phone, I was not aware it had a sim card. We turned on the phone with the SIM card in there. The phone IMEI tells me the phone works for freedom. I checked the network settings, it does have the bands. My question is how do I unlock it? I've searched ebay, most of the ones there that I notice require a direct connect to a windows PC through team viewer. How safe are they? The other ones that are less expensive, in their description they don't say they unlock but when i contacted them they say they are cheap and I can give it a try.

a few questions
does anyone know a good place to unlock the phone?
can i use the commands on the Moto E page to remove the bloated verizon startup software/
I would rather have this phone work on post paid verizon, is there a way, without activating for a year or pay the $50USD?

any help would be appreciated