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Price sister site?

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  • Mar 8th, 2012 11:02 am
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Dec 18, 2009
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I've used quite a few times over the past year after having lots of problems with DX. When i have a problem i usually send emails to their Custom Support Team and receive a reply in one day. They resolve my problems quickly (If i have one). But now they have an "ask live" button on their homepage, and they can solve my problem online in seconds. So i think they pay much attention to customer service. Their shipping is also VERY fast compared to the other Chinese sites. I recommend Priceangels over the rest.
Jun 10, 2009
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I purchased items from them. I have purchased tablet pcs that never really quite worked. They never charged properly unless you tweaked the plug just so and was willing to stand there for 2 buzzillion hours to have it charge. ABSOLUTELY forget about making any complaints or getting customer service with price angels. They will take you to a link that will eventually lead you to another link that may or may not bring you to another link if it it's a good day and the moon is blue and a baby zebra runs through your living room on the fourth of July...
If it's something not electric, then it's okay to buy from them. I really liked their curlers.
But then again, it will take a VERY long time to get to you. It usually arrives just after you have given up all hope in EVER receiving your purchase.
So if you have the patience of fantasy creature, then really there is no problem in purchasing from these stores.
BTW, their pregnancy tests do not have english instructions so you pretty much have to hope that your guess when you read the test is correct.
But I really do like their curlers.
Mar 7, 2012
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I'll share my little experience with both sites:

DX: Overall I am extremely satisfied with them! Have ordered 20+ items and never an issue except for once. Ordered a pair of glasses ($5) that arrived broken in the mail, no doubt damaged during transport. So I shoot DX a quick email at 8 pm with 3 or 4 pictured demonstrating the broken frame. By 9 AM the next morning, I have a reply from DX apologizing for this and asking if its OK with me for them to ship me a replacement which arrived within 2 weeks.

PriceAngels on the other hand...: Ordered one item to see how the experience with them is and needless to say, it was HORRIBLE! Ordered a watch (also $5) which was shipped within 3 days of order...great right? well a month and a half later (25 business days) I get reasons such as "CNY delays" followed byt "logistical difference" it finally arrives. It had ZERO packing, they literally simply threw the watch into a yellow envelope and shipped it off. Open the package and not only has the backing of the watch fallen off, the water resistant seal damaged, but the hour markers within the watch (underneath the glass) had fallen off. So some of this maybe due to damage during transport but some of this is also due to crappy quality. So I shoot PA an email with some pictures hoping for a nice simple resolution similar to DX. What I get in return is an offer for a $2 coupon and nothing more. When trying to at least get $4 to cover MOST of the price (forget a simple free of charge replacement at this point) and arguing that since the backing came off and the seal is damaged, the watch is no longer water resistant. To which I get a reply stating that the $2 coupon is the best I'll get and if I don't accept it then I get nothing.

In summary, TRIES to be a successful company like DealExtreme but the difference is they suck and don't know how to handle complaints or keep their customers satisfied. To this day I have spent roughly $400 on DX and $5 on PA. Needless to say, that $5 is going to be the first and ONLY $5 I spend on that site.