Price paid for 2020 RDX and offer accepted (need help)

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May 5, 2020
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Price paid for 2020 RDX and offer accepted (need help)

Hi Guys ,

I am in the market right now , plan to make a purchase on 2020 Rdx Aspec or platinum elite , any tips for what I should pay for ? I only get $1000 incentives right now on both trim .
I talk to the only one dealer in my local , he offer me on Aspec with tire rims warranty and winter mat ,whee locks, tire tax , freight and PDI etc price up to $54957-$869.57($1000 before tax)

I also have $28000 trade in value that they offer me better that any brand , I take the $28000 Cheque back , then monthly payment on 48mon / 64000KM
is $718/month

I think that is not good , guys any help ?

compare to Lexus RX 350 good to switch to ?
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I purchased a 2020 Platinum Elite last June. That was the month that they were released in Canada, so I was expecting there would be a big demand, and that it would be difficult to negotiate a good price with the dealer.

The Platinum Elite had a MSRP of $54,990 at that time (currently $53,990), so I immediately asked for a 4% discount, which I was granted. So the discount of $2199.60 brought the "base vehicle price" to $52,790.

Since it is really difficult to negotiate the cost of PDI, Freight, fees, and taxes, this initial reduction in the "base vehicle cost" is really all that is important. Your cost for these items is most likely the same as my cost, depending on your province.

Of course if you start adding on accessories like cargo mats, paint protection, etc., you can negotiate discounts on those. But with the few inexpensive options you purchased you couldn't negotiate a difference of more than $50 by going from one dealer to another.

So to determine your "base vehicle price" I attempt to work backwards from the information you provided, Your "base vehicle price" would have been $54957 - $2206 (freight, PDI, Fees) - $200 (mats, wheel locks) for a total of $52,551. This represents an increase of 5.5% above MSRP of $49,790.

In other words I purchased my Platinum Elite for $239 more than your cost for the Aspec. Yet the MSRP for the Elite is $5200 more than the Aspec ($4200 more based on today's MSRP).

You should have gotten a price of
$49,790 MSRP
less $1991.60 (4% off MSRP)
less $1000 (incentives)
Total = $46,798.40

Now you add the $2206 for freight, PDI, and taxes, and $200 for your winter mats and wheel locks, and your price before taxes should be $49.204.40

So it seems like they are asking $4,888 more than you need to pay. That is why they can offer you $4.500 more for your trade-in than anyone else.

If you can provide the quoted MSRP and any discounts, which I assume is just the $1000 incentive, we could make a better comparison.


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