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Mar 15, 2004
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Price suggestion

Forgot I have this down the basement all this time and would appreciate a pricing on how much to price it as I haven't been up to date on current hardware prices.

Powered it on last night and updated Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro no problem. It's painfully slow though because of the hard drive always reaching 100% utilization with the cpu only at around 20%.

All components are stock from Dell

Thanks in advance.

Dell Precision T1650

Intel i7 3770
16 Gb Ram
Nvidia Quadro 2000
250 Gb hard disk with Windows 7 Pro ( COA attached to the case )
DVD-RW Drive and I believe a 275Watt Psu
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Jul 26, 2004
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I'd say around $150-200ish.