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The price/value of modern art is over priced

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  • Dec 17th, 2019 9:22 am
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Feb 15, 2005
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The price/value of modern art is over priced

Change my mind: the price or value of modern art is over priced. Exhibit A is the $120,000 banana duct taped to a wall. Exhibit B is the $4.8M chandelier under the bridge in Vancouver. I know that public art is supposed to make art accessible and beautify public spaces, but the end result is often polarizing, not that aesthetically pleasing to the majority of people, and just incredibly expensive for what they are.

The banana was a private sale, but even that seems to be a epeen contest than "Oh, this is what I see in the banana".

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May 5, 2010
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I agree that some modern or older arts are over valued. It happens in anything when there are money to be made by resellers and collectors. Maybe a piece of art is worth 1 millions last year, but because of resellers who are able find the right connection and sell it to the highest bidder, it might be worth 2 millions now.

But I'm glad that there are stuffs selling for millions as long as it goes to the artist. Since I'm not the target buyer, I really don't care if the asking price is 10x or 100x its worth.
For all the artists trying to just live a decent life (like not in poverty), the select few who can ask for millions for their arts, I'm actually happy for them.
Jul 12, 2010
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I thought art sales is just for money laundry purpose only ... hehe