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[Primecables.ca] OOS Primecables gas spring VESA monitor desk mount $30

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May 21, 2004
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o1jellybean wrote: Nope, I bought 2 for $29.99. They probably only had a limited amount for that price
If that's the case it's more likely someone at PrimeCables made a mistake since they advertised it for $39.99. So quite likely they had a price error, a bunch sold at the wrong price, then they realized it and corrected it to $39.99. In any case, that's a good buy at $29.99.

UPDATE: My mistake! It was YESTERDAY'S deal of the day for $39.99, not today.
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Dec 29, 2008
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Snowcrash01 wrote: My table is right against the wall and it works fine. The monitor arm rotates 360 so you just adjust it to the side rather than out the back
Good to know, i really do like this arm. Will purchase when it goes on sale again and is in stock.