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[Primecables.ca] Orvibo® WiFi Smart Camera Night Vision with speaker $29.99

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May 18, 2007
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Camera picture quality is good, but you have to use their App to use the camera. There is a login for the admin panel when you go to the device network IP but there is no included login or password. China is watching.
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Nov 23, 2008
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daviiiiiid wrote: That huge thread? I don't know if I'm too dumb but reading through it, it sounds really complicated...
No way.... seriously.... I just followed a youtube video and was up and running in 5 min. I was so surprised actually.
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Jan 23, 2009
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davechoi1973 wrote: it's currently $24.99.
Last time I paid 19.99 and it's pretty cheap camera but it works well and you don't need to pay fees to cloud service. recording directly to microSD card is great option for me.
BTW double pack is $40

https://www.primecables.ca/p-358473-cab ... tor-orvibo#
Can you cut it from the internet loop record to the internal sd card and watch live stream on device on the same wifi network?