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[Primecables.ca] Primecables gas spring VESA monitor desk mount for $26

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Nov 7, 2014
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Vancouver, BC
Scott86 wrote: For me, being able to bring the monitor over the desk(so its in-line with the keyboard) is what sells me on it. Being able to swivel it so its portrait also looks like a good selling point if you want to use your monitor in the configuration(long list of stuff to go through?). I'm in for 2
You can put the monitor in portrait but most likely it will won't stay at that angle by itself. You will have to rest the monitor side on the desk
mcmax20 wrote: Does anyone have a workaround for putting a non-vesa monitor on these mounts?
Sometimes if you take off the back of the monitor there will be a Vesa mount on the inside. You may want to look into this
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Dec 27, 2003
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Kaitlyn wrote: I've heard of issues with these and Ikea desks.

Have an Ikea bekant desk. It has table top that I guess isn't solid wood and also a metal frame. I absolutely do not want to risk snapping the table AND breaking the monitor in one go...
I'm using two similar mounts on my Bekant desk. Seems fine. I've only heard issues with their paper core table tops like the Linnmon.