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[Princess Auto] Power Fist 14 in. Utility Tool Bag for $4.99

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Jan 24, 2013
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[Princess Auto] Power Fist 14 in. Utility Tool Bag for $4.99

Attributes and Specifications
  • SKU 8866576
  • Package (L x W x H) 14.5 x 7.3 x 1.6 in.
  • Weight 0.6 lbs
  • Item Name 14 in. Utility Tool Bag
  • Carrier Type Handbag
  • Includes 1 large pocket, 8 small pockets
  • Type Utility tool bag
  • Packaging (qty) 1
  • Colour Blue/black
  • Storage Capacity 0.25 cu.ft
  • Number of Pockets 8
  • Dimensions 13-3/4L X 5-1/8W x 7-3/32H in.
  • Load Capacity (lb) 33
  • Material Polyester
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May 25, 2011
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This would make a great car emergency bag. Just stock it with some supplies like:

- jumper cables

- mini car booster packs

- LED flashlight + spare batteries (I recommend a headlamp)

- road flares

- emergency candles

- snacks, some water, a few water purification tablets

- small first aid kit

- some cordage for tying down the trunk or oversized items you wanna roof it

- duct tape

- bungee cords

- small tarp (like 6ft x 8ft on sale from time to time or Found on Kijiji often as people are done outdoor projects/ice rinks and cut to your size/needs)

- a multi bit screwdriver + pliers or multitool or both

- a few glow sticks (tip: tie string to glowstick approx arms length or longer if you want. Swing around in a circle for a buzzsaw effect. It makes the light larger and can help search&rescue or anyone looking for you find you easier if you're lost in a hard to find area)

- space blanket, hat, scarf, winter gloves, cheap work gloves

- matches + lighter and/or ferrocium rod, some tinder like store bought or RFD it....with a small bag of dryer lint (add some chapstick or vasaline to it as a fire extender or small thin ripped pieces of duct tape), some white birch bark/skins, or fatwood (on the lower lims of the pine tree or lower trunk of a dead tree. Check the curbs for cut up pine trees and look for the deep amber.)

- empty soup can to hold tea candles for warmth. Also you can DIY a small soup can heater/candle stove to warm up some water

- stainless cup + stainless water bottle (not vaccum insulated, if you plan on keeping water in it during the winter fill no more then 50% of the bottle with water in case it freezes)

Don't forget the paper clip

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