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Powerfist 5 cu. ft Galvanized Wheelbarrow $49.99

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  • May 10th, 2021 6:07 pm
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Aug 3, 2013
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[Princess Auto] Powerfist 5 cu. ft Galvanized Wheelbarrow $49.99

Powerfist 5 cu. ft Galvanized Wheelbarrow for $49.99.

I believe this was selling for 39.99 fall of 2020.

Still looks like a good deal. Need to do some gardening work this year so this will come in handy. Any of the wheelbarrows I've seen at Home depot / home hardware have all been $90+. Plenty of them still in stock at stores too for local pickup and shipping seems to be free.

https://www.princessauto.com/en/5-cu-ft ... 0008924086
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Breath. It's just a deal. What's the worst that could happen? You save some money
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Jul 29, 2006
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While it's not a lot of money, it also doesn't look that strong. Careful how much you load into it.
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Jan 25, 2005
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I seen it in store and looks good. Not for everyday use.
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Jan 22, 2008
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princess-auto-powerfist-5-cu-ft-galvani ... 2403202/2/

Previous thread from last fall when it was $39.99. Only one real RFD review that I can see courtesy of @StaynorManor

Got mine back in late Aug before the RFD effect.

The metal seems somewhat thin. While I haven't dented it, I could see it buckling/ripping out where the two bolts connect to the handle. I'll probably get a mending plate to reinforce those spots.

The wheelbarrow is relatively shallow, so it holds around 5 x 50L bags of soil flush with the rim. You do have the balance the load, as it can tip over. But that being said, being easy to tip is a good thing when you want to pour all the dirt/gravel without much effort. Also, it was easy for me to navigate around some tight corners.

Don't know about the 220lbs rated maximum load capacity, doubt it could hold that weight without the metal being pulled out at one of the bolts/joints. That said, I doubt I'd be able to lift/move something that heavuy too far anyhow. Also, it's sitting outside for the last couple of months, and hasn't rusted yet.

Lastly. there was also an off smell when I first put it together, I think it was the rubber/plastic handles. So I think I got my money out of it for my yardwork this year. Wish I had it earlier when I built my paver stone patio (moved 4 tonnes of dirt/pavers/gravel/stone), although as alluded to before, not sure if it would hold up to a lot of abuse.