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Printer Ink and Toner: OEM vs Moustache vs econo brand?

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  • Apr 8th, 2022 11:33 am
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Dec 4, 2013
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Printer Ink and Toner: OEM vs Moustache vs econo brand?

Dear Artsy At-Home Printing RFDers, 🖨

Is there a significant difference in the quality of inks and toners between OEM, Moustache brand, and no-name economy brand? I want to print some arty stuff at home (such as greeting cards and Tarot/oracle cards). I have a Canon colour inkjet printer; my dad owns a Brother colour laser printer. However, my household is on a tight budget (I'm on ODSP, my dad's retired). The OEM inks and toners are prohibitively expensive for us, so we're actually looking at Moustache vs the 'Economical Box' no-name brand on ShopperPlus right now.

What are your experiences? Thank you for any information or advice! Person With Folded HandsSparkling Heart
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Jan 27, 2006
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It really depends on how you view the stuff you want to print... The OEM inks will probably have better durability in terms of how long they will keep from fading as well as colour accuracy and other aspects that affect the output. The question for you is - how important is that to you? The other question may be is if the non-OEM inks clog more often??
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Jul 13, 2009
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What are you printing and what material are you printing it on? Does colour accuracy matter to you?

I use inkjet but right now it's for the little one's school projects, colour accuracy does not matter too much. It's good enough and no one will really notice other than your wallet. I have always bought non-OEM and printed photos, cardstock and stickers.

Toner doesn't work too well on certain material, doesn't "stick" and not really meant for art projects.
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Oct 26, 2003
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I don't have any issue with moustache and eco brands, if you get black smear all over the page, you need to replace the drum, then it becomes clean again. I had this issue before, thought it was the toner cartridge, but it was actually the drum issue. Drum tends to need replacement after 3 or 4 toner replacements.
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Nov 3, 2007
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Moustache and or OEM brother inkjet no diff on general b&W printing of bills recipes never done photos