Private equity holdings - anyone provide insight?

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Jan 22, 2018
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Private equity holdings - anyone provide insight?

So I’m in a scenario I’m a bit unfamiliar with and wondering if anyone could lend some insight?

So my wife holds shares in a company she previously worked for. She also has a certificate for exercisable options which were awarded to her as party of an agreement when she left the company.

We now have an additional portion of options we are going to be exercising. The financial guy from the company In question recommended checking out “western pacific trust company” as a company/broker to hold these private shares.

We have managed investments with a small firm as well as our own managed investments through qtrade. I’m assuming since we are being recommended to check out this other firm that holding shares in private equity isn’t something a regular brokerage does?

Does anyone have any recommendations as to a firm to setup an account to hold these shares? Ideally our end goal would be having a firm that holds these shares and if and when they release an IPO, we can sell these shares accordingly.

Also, if anyone has any insight in terms of if it’s possible to purchase these exercisable options through a TFSA? Or the best option for us?

Any insight would be great as this is a new area for me