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Private Internet Access VPN: 3-Yr Subscription US$60

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  • Jun 30th, 2019 11:20 pm
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Oct 1, 2013
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dpw198 wrote: Mine doesn’t have a renewal price so it will renew at the then prevailing market price.

You have 1 month to activate the new code but you VP can just ask PIA customer service to add it to your existing account so you don’t lose your days remaining.

The way I see it is that there will be another sale in 3 yrs time. I’ve been buying renewals from various sales other past couple of years and the deals have been pretty good so I’m not worried about keeping an existing rate.
I thought that you would have to merge your account to take advantage of this promotion? So you're saying I can just tell them I have this code and they'll add it to my account?
Nov 11, 2008
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I used a prepaid credit card and mine's been stuck on this for a while:
We are currently acquiring your license for this product. Please check back soon.
Anyone else get that? I didn't put in my real phone number either, so I hope they're not trying to call me.
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Sep 7, 2002
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@dealxtremeleecher You're in the exact situation I was. 29 renewal and expiring in Nov. Just buy it and open a support ticket to merge. They'll just ask you for your old order ID (they'll resend your current invoice) and the gift code from this deal (after you buy and click Redeem code). Then they merge the accounts. They closed my old one and extended my new one by the unused balance. Very straightforward and easy.
Sep 18, 2010
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I get a worse ping and speed from this than my regular connection. Is that normal?

I assume yes since the connection is going through the states now, just want to be sure
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Sep 7, 2002
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Yes. It'll generally be worse unless you're connected to a server in your own country.
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Jun 15, 2011
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So far my impressions after few days of using it on my iPhone, main desktop, and MacBook Pro:

1) Constant disconnects and sluggish reconnects when connected to US East Coast and Mid servers.
2) Slower Download and Upload speeds when connected via LAN.
3) Sometimes it won't connect, thus causing my iPhone WiFi not to work properly.
4) Has issues with LTE connectivity at times.

At least I only signed up for a year, but may cancel 1/2 way and go with Nord or Express VPN.
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Nov 25, 2003
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strife wrote: Yes. It'll generally be worse unless you're connected to a server in your own country.
Location of the server is just one of MANY, MANY factors determining speed of your connection over VPN... but it will be definitely slower then the speeds without VPN. And, depending on those factors, your connection speed could be up for a MASSIVE loss...

SOME of these factors could be:

* How busy is the server;
* What client you are using [Open VPN or provider's software]
* What encryption protocol you are using;
* How the client handling encryption;
* How your hardware handling encryption;
* How provider's hardware handling encryption;
* What level [strength] of encryption you are using;
* What internet protocol do you use [TCP/UDP]...

..and more...

You get the picture.
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Jun 1, 2007
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Stacksocial shows deal ends on 4 days.
Sep 18, 2010
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Came out to $82.84 CAD.

I keep it off most times because it doesn't work with Netflix and can cause some issues with other sites, but it's really easy to turn on when you need it...

I think it's still worth it for torrenting or watching something blocked in Canada.
Jan 31, 2018
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Reading through the thread and just thought I would affirm that Windscribe is trash. Ordered a lifetime subscription, immediately regretted it. You couldn't pay me to use it., still sour about being duped by the stack social deal Speeds are terrible on all servers. Doesn't help that the admin tries to tarnish the reputation of anyone who posts a negative experience on RFD, that's just classless.