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[Pro Move] Add Winter Tire Discount in May, remove in November ==> Profit??

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  • May 11th, 2021 7:13 pm
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Jan 26, 2016
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[Pro Move] Add Winter Tire Discount in May, remove in November ==> Profit??

Any issues with adding winter tire discount in May and removing in November?

Is this against the rules?

The savings are not small!
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Jun 24, 2006
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I would suspect the discount is based on 12-month renewal.
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Dec 19, 2015
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Why not just buy winter tires and use them? Then you can get the savings, and benefit from safer winter driving.

Or just buy a set of winter rated all seasons/all weathers if you don’t want to change wheels?
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Sep 25, 2018
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No it is not against the rules... except that usually insurance will only allow you to add winter tire discount, but not remove, during the 1 year contract. Yes you can break the contract and find another insurer, but the penalty isn't cheap.

Chieftain insurance offer month-to-month contract, so you can practice this method. However, from my 2 years of experience with them, they usually raise the rate significantly every 6 months.

Here's another Pro-er move: sell your car and stop your auto insurance ==> Profit!
The savings will be even bigger.
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Oct 5, 2008
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some people really are pathetic.


Clearly a SCAM.

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Swerny wrote: some people really are pathetic.


Clearly a SCAM.

LOL I would say more fraud than scam, but either way yeah don't think this is a "pro tip" or "pro move" as OP put it. As others mentioned it's unlikely you can do this either, or if you can it might only be a one-time allowance, and they won't allow you to continually switch it.

On a side note somehow when I added a second car (which is only summer driven) when I look at the policy it shows it also setup for winter tyres--I'm pretty sure they did because I basically asked them for same coverage on my other car? So I guess I might get a discount there? Not really sure if there's any actual discount in this case but I'm technically not violating the terms because I wouldn't be driving on non-winter tyres during those months...because I won't be driving the car during those months, period. I.e. for the months the "winter tyre discount" is setup for, the insurance would be "paused" anyway.

Also I'm unsure of this "savings are not small" bit from OP. Isn't the discount like 3-5% depending on insurer? If 5% is "not small", OP must already be paying some exorbitant insurance amount, no?
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Oct 13, 2008
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Clearly ... the troubles of even thinking of the scam path ...


And then ... the end result is getting yourself on the black list ... ending up being a HIGH RISK client and paying HIGH PREMIUMS because of the stupidity.

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