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[Provigo] It's true--Haagen Dazs 2 for $7 (also at Your Independent Grocer)

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  • Feb 28th, 2020 10:12 am
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Nov 30, 2003
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fuzail wrote: Lol hence why I said ‘I personally think kawartha is superior’ as it is my subjective opinion.

You do have a good argument as the number of ingredients inside and quality of ingredients. If only Haagen Dazs dialed back on the sugar content, it would be my number 1 choice.

I just got the kitchen aid ice cream maker so going to have fun trying to make my own.

Kawartha vanilla vs HG vanilla calorie count , also according to the many comments since the company Changed ownership many of the comments reflect the fact that recipe has changed. Apparently the vanilla extract maybe different.
Home made is always the clear winner!

I'm not sure sugar should really be such a big factor, I would like to know how much is added vs naturally occurring, looks like we get new labels in 2021 that will show us this info!

Also and most important, notice that Kawartha adds Dextrose, used as a sweetener which I'm not sure if it adds to the total sugar count, also who knows what is in the artificial flavor

Same goes for calories, if it's all natural ingredients then I'm not worrying if it's loaded with artificial crap that my body can't handle properly, just look at diet pop.. I don't drink pop, but the last thing I will drink is anything diet with the 0 calories label, there's a ton of more junk in that stuff to obtain that calorie count that is so much worse for you, those nutrition numbers can be very misleading if viewed on their own