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PSA: Bestbuy have begun liquidation of Note 10+ in their in-person stores.

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Dec 7, 2019
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PSA: Bestbuy have begun liquidation of Note 10+ in their in-person stores.

Hey all,

First off, I am in the East Coast of Canada, so I do not know if that influences things, but I know some people that work there and they will NOT be restocking the note 10+ once stock goes out and their stock is very limited in general and I would be wary of waiting too long for a price drop after the note 20 unpacked event. They still have a large regular note 10 stock, so these tricks may not apply to that version.

Meaning they have begun liquidation. Note that when I say liquidation, it does NOT mean when you arrive in store they will have the liquidation tag. But rather the mobile staff are given the green light to discount it manually. This works in 3 ways:

- Many phones linked to carriers are currently as low as 200$ down and 33$ monthly. Personally I was able to do a bigger downpayment so I am only paying 15$ a month with the carrier. You can also buy it outright for cheaper.

- When items reach "liquidation" status at best buy, managers are able to give up to additional 100-200$ off on the down payment and listed price, depending on their internal store stock. Generally when you ask, they will just do it for you. Or better yet say "I was offered this at another Best Buy, but now i'm ready to buy and i'm in town" or something. Usually they will just do it. Do try to avoid getting a new employee that doesn't know anything about sales at Best Buy. Usually any experienced employee will already be aware that these deals are possible.

- They are giving between 100$ and 150$ gift cards after purchase.

After all these savings I walked out of the store with a new contract which will end up being 825$ total (the downpayment + monthly costs) for an all new phone yesterday... Taxes included!

From experience this is an amazing deal for a flagship Note. Remember, we are talking Canadian dollars and Canadian availability here!