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PSA Fire Extinguishers recall

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  • Feb 16th, 2021 7:30 pm
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Feb 25, 2007
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Good to bring it up.

And any thread on fire extinguishers is a good reminder to check the pressure gauge on any you have around the house, and if they're near (or below) the line or just several years old, to bring them in for a checkup. Around where I live (Ottawa), there are all sorts of low-cost small business fire extinguisher repair companies who will check and if needed refill your canister for not much money. They make their money visiting and certifying extinguishers in commercial buildings; if you bring in your own personal one they'll do it close to at cost while you wait.
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Jan 21, 2018
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I exchanged the one that I had a couple of years ago under this recall notice. They actually want you to ship the old one back by courier. That may be the only way to dispose of it - in most cities you aren't allowed to put fire extinguishers in the trash, and there are no approved disposal options in the city.

In theory many small-to-medium fire extinguishers can be recharged, but it's not really practical. There are not actually a lot of companies that do this for the small non-commercial household models, and they typically charge more than the fire extinguisher cost new.