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PSA - The Source has changed their employee/PSP discount program

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  • Oct 13th, 2020 8:53 am
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Apr 13, 2004
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PSA - The Source has changed their employee/PSP discount program

Not sure if anyone else has posted this, but I was at The Source last week to grab a few things seeing as I am eligible for their discount.

I was miffed when I saw I received no discount on my purchase of a computer keyboard. Turns out it was because it was on sale. So in another anti-consumer move under the guise of COVID, apparently items that are on sale are no longer eligible for the employee/PSP discount. The guy at the till also said they removed the discount from an assortment of products.
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Feb 17, 2007
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Mort Réal
Maybe they realized that's the only time people were using the program, because if you buy something at regular price at The Source, even with the EPP, it's usually still too $$$. They only time when it (sometimes) made it worth it was when a product was already deeply discounted + the EPP, only then some deals could be made.

Oh well, they already weren't my go-to store (even with the EPP) so, I guess that's the last nail in the coffin.
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