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Is Public Mobile any good?

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Dec 9, 2009
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Grande Prairie

Is Public Mobile any good?

I'm looking to switch from Freedom Mobile. I'm currently paying $45/month for unlimited talk/text and 7GB of Data. This would be great but the service is really spotty.

I met with a friend today who is on Public Mobile. She said the service is great because it's on the Telus network and its always fast with 4G speed.

Im confused because according to their website they only offer 3G.

Is their service actually reliable and fast? Do they throttle your speed? My friend made it sound very tempting but I'd like to be sure before signing up.

Any opinions?
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Jan 18, 2010
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It's owned by Telus.
All their plans are on 4G LTE network. However most plans have speed limited to 3mbps (some are full speed like telus though).
3mbps is decent enough unless you're 4k streaming and is fine for 99% of uses.

As the other person said they don't have a call center. However Lucky Mobile (Bell's version of Public) has the same plans as public and they do have a call center
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Sep 21, 2005
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I switched to PM from one Zoomer line last July for the purpose of getting a PM to Koodo migration lottery ticket. I was not planning to stay long. But I am not going to switch even PM/Koodo offer me to switch to Koodo. I am happy with PM and planning to switch another Zoomer lines to PM $13 plan with autopay for 100 CW minutes + 250MB plan and save about $10/m.

Although PM call the 3G plan, PM allows subscribers to use LTE but LTE speed will be throttled down to 3Mbps with the advantage of LTE low latency. But if you set your phone to 3G signal only, you will get full 3G signal speed of up to 6 - 7 Mbps.

PM does not have call centre. All supports are done on PM community forum moderators. Moderator wait time is up to 2 days. Therefore, if you have service issues, you may not have phone service for a few days. Therefore, I do not recommend PM if your job depends on a working phone or your are running a business.

PM is a DIY cellphone service. You need to know what to do when your data is not working. But you will get lots of help quickly with the members on the PM community forum. Therefore, it is a DIY service. But you can get help. It is like the freephoneline(FPL) VoIP home phone service that you have to know how to setup VoIP adaptor. But there is a huge thread at RFD on how to setup FPL service. I did that 4 years ago and happy with the free FPL service. When my VoIP adaptor failed couple of months ago, all I did was to get a new adaptor, configure it and my home phone is back online.

Do your own research to determine whether PM is for you. If yes, you will save money by DIY.
Have too many phones... This is how I limit my monthly phone payment.
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May 11, 2009
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I switched from Virgin and never looked back, the recent $5 price increase on my month to month plan broke the camel's back. Currently on the $23 unlimited call/text and 1G of data plan. I haven't noticed any difference in call quality/reception and texting, 3G data is fast enough for me.
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Oct 28, 2004
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Both my mom and father in law are on PM and it is perfect for them.

They need data for whatsapp, emails and youtube. Nothing data speed intensive.

The price point fits their budget. Very happy with pm.

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Feb 6, 2003
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What you need to know:

-prepaid: if you hit your data limit you're cut off until your next cycle (otherwise you have to buy a data add-on to continue)
-BOYD: they don't offer phones
-Telus network: excellent in most regions
-slow customer service: forum based, no number to call
-"3G" is speed-capped LTE: perfectly fine for 95% of users
-rewards: autopay $2/mo, loyalty $1/mo per year, referral $1/mo per referral
-cost certainty: if you don't change your plan, they never increase the price (thus far, could change in the future)
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Sep 21, 2005
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Amourek wrote: ...
-cost certainty: if you don't change your plan, they never increase the price (thus far, could change in the future)
PM did tried to raise the $120 120 days plan in 2018. PM subscribers filed huge amount of ccts complaint and PM canceled the increase.
Have too many phones... This is how I limit my monthly phone payment.
Public Mobile $35 5GB, $11 250MB, 2x $5 50min/50text, Zoomer $36 6GB plan,
Fido $5 4GB plan with a free tablet, $0 FPL home phone.
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Sep 30, 2012
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PM 3G speed is perfectly fine for gaming and streaming vids (Netflix and Youtube), music (Spotify) and podcasts. I am very tempted to jump on the Freedom Mobile's $0 iPhone XR deal because PM doesn't offer phones.

And service wise, I never had an issue that I had to contact support for. If there ever was an issue, it was an issue that affected Telus/Koodo/PM in general.
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Feb 28, 2012
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If you're in Grande Prairie or anywhere north or west (or east..) of Edmonton you should definitely be on the Telus network. Moving from Freedom you give up VoLTE, WiFi calling, unlimited data, Shaw Passpoint WiFi hotspots. PM doesn't support HD Voice, apparently. If something goes wrong on PM's side you'll have to wait for a forum moderator to respond.
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Jan 17, 2003
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PM is awesome. I have family members on them and we use to have a plan for my daughter. Still have the PM $15 but we are mostly on ATT now. I highly recommend PM for 90% of the people out there that don't need to stream 4k video on their phones.

Once everything is setup, how often do you call customer service? If you don't, then PM is great. Their website sucks though.
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Dec 12, 2009
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OP, how much of that 7GB do you use? If you use all of it, you are looking at the $50/8GB plan as the comparable replacement. So, $5 more to get 1GB more, throttled LTE vs full speed on Freedom where you get a signal. I would say the switch is a compelling proposition. If your data needs are less than 7GB, there are options for plans that cost less than $45 which represent a savings. You are free to make plan changes for each and every renewal. There are no contracts forcing you to stick with a particular plan. Public Mobile does have good reward systems that can help to bring price down. The easiest is auto pay which drops price by $2/30 days. Loyalty reward is $1/30 days for each year you stay up to 5 years. Referral reward is $1/30 days for each customer you refer. Community rewards is hard work for little reward, not likely something the typical customer is interested in.

BTW, I am a Wind transplant. Three years ago, it cost me $15 more per month and 1GB less data to switch over to Public Mobile. I gave up a bunch of $25/5GB plans. With no reception, the plan was not with anything. No regrets with the move.
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