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[Public Mobile] Limited Time 4GB / $40 Plan Promo

Aug 17, 2003
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Limited Time 4GB / $40 Plan Promo

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Public Mobile
Yes, you read the subject line correctly! From October 25th to November 20th, we will be offering an amazing promotion where you can get 12GB of data, unlimited province-wide talk and unlimited global text on a 90 day plan for only $120. This equates to 4GB each month for the low, low price of $40 every 30 days. If there was ever a time to get friends and family to join Public Mobile, now would be it!

Check out the full details below to see how you and your friends and family can sign up for this awesome plan!

Things you need to know

This is the only promotional plan during this period. No other plans are affected
During the promo period, there will be two plans totaling $120: (1) the 6GB unlimited province-wide talk and global text plan and (2) the promotional plan, which has 12GB of data. Please be sure to choose the plan with twice as much data for the exact same price!
If you have signed up for the promotional plan, you will be able to keep it after the promo period, as long as you are an active customer

Getting the plan

Pick & Pay Customers

If you are an existing Pick & Pay customer and are interested in taking advantage of the promo plan, you have two options:

If your plan ends during the promo period: You can sign up for the plan in self-serve, as you normally would to change your plan
If your plan ends after the promo period: You can future date a rate plan change during the promotional period, and have the promo plan take effect after November 20th. For example, if you’re currently on a 90 day plan that ends on November 28th, you will be able to sign into self-serve anytime between October 25th-November 20th and future date the promo plan to take effect upon your existing plan’s completion. Come November 21st, you would no longer be able to future date the promo plan.

This means that everyone has the option to take advantage of this great deal, regardless of when your existing rate plan ends.

Legacy Customers

If you are a legacy customer who is interested in having this promo plan, you will need to call into the call centre and upgrade to the Pick & Pay plan. Please note that, once you switch to a Pick & Pay plan, you will be unable to switch back to your old plan and will lose access to the call centre.

New Customers: You want to join because the grass is really greener over here

As a new customer, you can add the promo plan when you are prompted in the activation process. You will need to have your SIM card in hand in order to activate, so please be sure to order it first!

-Public Mobile Community team
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Thread Summary
Relax. They simply removed the promo from the website because it's too late for anybody to order a sim and get it in time (they've also disabled sim orders on their website temporarily). BUT, when you activate your sim at http://activate.publicmobile.ca (or try to change your plan in the self service area if you're currently a PM subscriber) the plan will still be available until November 20th at 11:59pm.

I ordered a SIM but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm worried it won't get here before the promo ends! You're in luck! Public Mobile announced over in their forums that they'll be honouring the promo for everybody that ordered a sim on or before November 16th:
Brooke_C wrote:
We will be honouring the promo plan for all customers who ordered their SIM card on or before November 16th.

Why the November 16th cut-off date you might ask?

SIM card orders take 1-2 business days to arrive at your home, and Canada Post does not deliver on the weekends. Knowing that there is a lead time for SIM cards to arrive, we have temporarily stopped SIM card ordering until after the promotion is complete. This is because anyone who would have ordered a SIM card after November 16th would not have received their SIM card in enough time to sign up for the promo plan. We didn’t want anyone to get your hopes up and then be disappointed.

4GB LTE / Province Talk / Anywhere Text / CD / basic VM plan in Canada.
Coverage: PM is on the Telus network. Since Telus and Bell share a network, anywhere you get Bell coverage you'll have coverage..
What about ZONES? No Zones, get out
I read shitty reviews about them on internet : That must be years ago, before they bought by Telus. Search for new reviews after 2015 or just simply take a look of this crazy thread.
Voicemail/call display? All Talk plans include Voice Mail and Call Display.
Call Forward? All Talk plans include call forwarding. For provincial calling only plans, make sure the call forwarding is set up while in the home province with forwarding to an in province number to avoid long distance charges.
What about visual voicemail for Iphone? Nope.
What is visual voicemail and does XXXX support it? Dude... google it. If you don't know what it is you probably don't have it. And if your phone has it but you haven't been using it all this time... is there really a point to insisting on having the ability to use it?
Is this pre or post-paid? Public mobile is all pre-paid.
Does PM subsidize phones? No.
Can i get a refund if i don't like the service? No, since they are pre-paid, no refunds. Try their 10 days text only service for $11 to see how it will work.
What's the catch? They do not have any storefronts and there is no phone-in customer support. If you have a problem you go to their community forums. PM customer service is active in the PM community and helps members during regular work hours.
How do I get support if I need it? Read this thread on the PM forums on who the moderators are and how to contact them.
What are all the add-ons available? Just 200 MB of data for $10, 1GB of data for $30, 200 mins U.S. long distance for $8, or 400 mins of international long distance for $15. See below for add-on details. US roaming TBA (see below too).

What is province-wide talk? Call anyone in your home province, receive calls from ANYWHERE as long as you're in your home province. If you travel to different province, call anyone in that province, but won't receive calls from anywhere since you're not in your home province. Buy add-ons to solve these problems.
Do the same rules apply to texts and data? No, those both can be used Canada-wide.
Do global texts include picture/mms messages? Yes. MMS is included as part of the text package. You can text Globally (world-wide, any country) while you are in Canada
What phones work with this? Locked TELUS/Koodo phones, or unlocked phones.
Will my phone work? Go either here and scroll down to use PM's IMEI searcher or to http://willmyphonework.net/ in order to find out.
I heard that it was cheap because it doesn't work with new phones? You heard wrong. Any phone that works on the Telus network will work with PM.

What happens after 90d? You renew and grandfather your prepaid plan forever and ever and ever
What happens if I go over my data allotment? You can't. Once you hit your data max it will stop working. You can buy a data add-on to carry you to your next term.
Will my unused data carry over? Only the data that you purchased as an add-on
My phone only tracks data in 30 days cycles FFS! Don't despair lonely traveler. You can track 90 days cycles with Data Witness found here if you're on MM. Now if you're still on Lollipop it's still free, but you need to contact the creater of the app on the PM forums to ask for a download code for LP version. Instructions on both how to use the app and contact him found here.

For iphone users and those that want alternative option in android, you can also this app.

What about LD? You can prepay for some minutes ($8 200mins or $15 400mins), or use a voip app with your generous data plan
What is included in the 400 minutes international add on? It includes 400 free minutes (comes out to 4 cents/minute) Canada-wide and to the Unites States and to 18 countries:
China, Italy, Puerto Rico, France, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, United Kingdom, India, Portugal, Venezuela
So I need to pay for add-ons monthly? No... it's a one-time purchase, so you don't have to cancel an add-on. Just buy an add-on when you need it.
Will those minutes expire? No, ALL add-ons purchased do not expire and any remainder carry into your next billing cycle and rolls over indefinitely.

What about US roaming? US roaming plans were. You don't need roaming just announced. The pricing is as shown in the screenshot below. Important to note: US roaming addons behave differently from all other PM addons. They start the day you buy them, and end 10 days later. No rolling over indefinitely the way that other addons work with PM. Voice calls are unlimited Canada and US-wide calling. It's text messages only, no picture or video messaging at this time. Partnered with AT&T and T-Mobile.
Any other international roaming options available? Nope, and no plans have been announced to offer them any time in the near future.

What about CA roaming? Covered by the same add-ons as LD.
Oh but what if I really want Canada-wide instead of buying add-ons? Well, you can if you're willing to settle for just 6GB for the 90 days. It costs $45 per month ($135 per 90 days). Most people are better off just buying add-ons.
Oh but what if I really want Canada and US-wide calling instead? Well, you you can if you're willing to settle for just 6GB for the 90 days. It costs $50 per month ($150 per 90 days). Most people are better off just buying add-ons.
Oh but I can use the data in the US right? This plan is ONLY Canada-wide. If you end up in the US, Europe or even Antarctica you will have no reception. But seriously you won't be going to Antarctica. You're too poor to do so.

How do I get this deal? Order the sim card from the website ($5), wait for the sim card to arrive, activate the sim card, enjoy your savings
How do I fill in the boxes in the activation and porting screens? you type you idiotThis thread from the Public Mobile community forum provides a great illustration.
Do they refund that $5? They used to refund the cost of sending the sim card, but no longer. Suck it up buttercup and enjoy the savings.if you can't afford $5 then maybe you should move back into your mommy's basement.
But... how do I port my number? You read the damn summary. Just follow the steps above, and follow the web prompts that deal with porting your number during the sim card activation process, which takes about an hour. Further instructions with pictures.
Do I need to contact my previous provider to cancel before I port to Public? DO NOT cancel with your previous provider unless you don't want your old number. Follow the port instructions above and the old account will be canceled.
Do I need to pay off my bill before I port? Your previous provider should send you the last bill, pro-rated to the day you've left them. Any issues with that, just contact CCTS and file a complaint.
What if I'm porting from Koodo or Telus? There is a known issue If you're using the same email as your previous account. Create your account with a new number, then message one of the moderators to help you move it over.
Do I have to port my number when I sign up for the plan? Or can I sign up now to test out signal, and then port my number over later? You can port your current number over at any time, you don't have to port it when you create your PM account.

I've got a grandfathered plan that's not as good as this deal, should I keep it? Totally up to you.
But I'm worried about them changing the terms... do they have to give us notice? Yup, 30 days notice will be given. But there are still people with grandfathered PM plans from 2014 hanging around.
But that means they can change it whenever they want! I don't want to lose my grandfathered account with X! Dude, let's be realistic here. What's makes you think that your old plan is safe but this one is somehow a flight risk?
Can I call my current provider and ask them to match? Many have tried, none have succeeded. And in one case, the rep stated that they're thinking of switching to this plan as well. Take it as you will.
What if I'm already with PM and I want to change to this plan for my next billing cycle? Instructions with pictures.
What if I'm already with PM and I want to change to this plan NOW? Well if you really want to, you can. But you lose all the time you've already prepaid for previously. Just follow the instructions above until the last step, and click on "Change plan now" instead of "Change on the next renewal date." If you're a true RFDer, you'd just wait until you next billing cycle for your account upgrade to save that moolah.

Can this deal get even better? Yes, set your account up for autopay and save $2 a month. You're richer than you think
Is that all? Of course not, refer your friends for one dollar ($1) a month off!
That's all now, right? Nope. You can also earn rewards to reduce your bill by participating in their forums and helping others out and get bravos
Still not all You can earn Rewards for each year you stay with Public Mobile for up to 5 years.
After 1 year = $1 per 30 days, 2 years = $2 per 30 days, 3 years = $3 per 30 days, 4 years = $4 per 30 days, 5 years = $5 per 30 days
Is there a limit to referrals? Yes, when the total discount brings your bill to $0
Holy #!@# No need for expletives, just take your money and run

Public mobile doesn't provide monthly invoices and the transaction history on the self serve site doesn't show taxes but you can request invoices to be emailed to you periodically. They wont be sent automatically but you can private a message a moderator on the forums and request invoice for a corresponding time window.

To get data & MMS working use the APN settings from this page: http://productioncommunity.publicmobile ... ne/ta-p/26

Can I pay with American Express? People report that they cannot activate with an Amex. However, the workaround is to activate with a Visa or Mastercard, and then switch the card to Amex after activation.

Alternate option if occasionally travel in Canada and don't want to pay for add-ons: Fongo is your friend. Get a # same with your PM account home province (Say you have 416 # with PM, then choose an ON # from Fongo). Place calls using Fongo. Forward incoming calls to your Fongo # when you're leaving your home province. This is because Fongo works on anywhere data is accessible and this plan provides data coverage all over Canada. And since it provides Country wide text message, you are missing nothing in this combination.

Account Username (email): Due to the quirks of prepaid where each account can only contain a single plan and the need of soon to be former Telus/Koodo customers to use a different email than the one used to create the existing account, email aliases may be used to avoid having to generate new email addresses just to support sign up. In the case of gmail, a good description of alias format is found here. Try using an alias that associates well with each of the accounts (for example, part of the phone number) to avoid confusion when managing many accounts.

Number porting: Many people have had issues with number porting. There is no confirmed evidence whether the issue is due to a bug in the Public Mobile software or user data entry error. To make sure the latter is not the contributing factor, double/triple check all entries before confirming the port. Porting requires any one of the following three pieces of current information, 1. account number associated with the number that is being ported, 2. IMEI of device currently being used with the number to be ported, 3. PIN for account associated with the number that is being ported. If using account number, DO NOT include any dots or dashes, just the enter the alphanumeric sequence with no separators. It is okay to enter more than one item. After hitting the confirm button, the system does think for quite a bit of time before providing a response. Be patient, don't hit the browser back button or confirm button multiple times.

Need Assistance from a PM Mod? Follow this link.
Public Mobile Assistance

If I have a billing or porting issue, how long does it take Public Mobile representatives to fix it? As of early November (up to US election day), reports have ranged from a few hours to as much as a week.

I read somewhere in this thread that somebody saw the actual ending date is November 30th. Is that correct? No. Some people who got SIM Swap promo sims got them on a flyer that listed November 30th as the last day. PM has confirmed that was a misprint - the actual final date to sign up for the Promo is November 20th.

I wasn't charged taxes! Will PM come back later and collect the tax from me? Is there a trick to getting this without getting charged taxes? Lucky you! This bug has existed for AGES. No, they won't come back and collect taxes later (they haven't for anybody yet). No, nobody knows precisely what causes this bug (one person in the thread reported not being charged tax on one transaction, but being charged tax on the other, without any difference in billing information and even using the same credit card).

How long does it take to deliver the SIM card? I ordered on <insert date here> and it hasn't arrived yet! I'm worried I won't get in on the promo! It usually takes 2-3 business days. If you're really worried you won't get one before the promo ends, check Kijiji to see if anybody local to you is selling them. Then use the one that shows up to refer somebody else to PM in the future. It's only $5, don't be such a tightwad.

Update: If you order a SIM at this point (Tuesday evening), it will likely not arrive before the promo ends on Sunday. To help with this, we are organizing SIM card pick up locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for Friday and Saturday for anyone who wants a last minute SIM card. Details to come, but the location will be downtown in each city and the $5 for each SIM will be going to Prostate Cancer in the spirit of Movember.

For those who have 'Account Activation' issues. Your account may be active. Try your SIM in your phone. Especially if you retry over again and get an Invalid SIM card error. If you cannot login - Try creating a NewAccount under 'My Account'. All you need is your PM phone number. It is possible that the your PM account was created but something failed when it tried to create your online profile.

Temporary SIM pickup locations for those in rush to signup:
November 18th and 19th, 11am - 7 pm local time (while supplies last)

Outside of the TELUS Tower
25 York Street
Toronto Ontario
M5J 2V5

On the corner of Richards St and West Georgia
Vancouver British Columbia

North of the TELUS Tower
Corner of René-Lévesque Boulevard and Union Avenue
Montreal Quebec
H3B 3C1
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Feb 17, 2012
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Damn that's awesome! Switching from the old $40 plan
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Nov 4, 2008
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Richmond Hill
Oh dayum!!! Thanks OP! will definitely switch
When given enough time, all threads on RFD can and will go off on a tangent.
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Awesome. My son is about to switch from Speakout to the old $40 plan in two weeks and now gets double the data! Thanks OP!
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Looks like province wide unlimited talk only.
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Roger21 wrote: ON only?
Switch the province at the top of the page. Same offer in BC.
Mar 18, 2013
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Is this on Bell's network? Also, can I transfer my cellphone number from Virgin to this?
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does the plan automatically expire after 90 days?
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Welleto wrote: Is this on Bell's network? Also, can I transfer my cellphone number from Virgin to this?
Jan 21, 2003
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Welleto wrote: Is this on Bell's network? Also, can I transfer my cellphone number from Virgin to this?
Telus network. You can transfer.
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wait,.. that's only 3 months plan? bait, then charge more after 90 days?
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Thx OP, bought 10! :facepalm:
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Welleto wrote: Looks like it's only 90 days and then you're done?
In the OP:

Once in the plan, you keep it while you are a customer.
Nov 17, 2014
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Edit* someone answered above
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Super hot!!! Thanks op. I future dated the change from existing $40 6gb plan. Same price, 2x the data. Not for ON only. I'm in B.C. and was able to request the change.
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Switched to this plan. PM renewal coming up on the 30th...
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As someone else said, province wide talk only, price goes to $201 for 3 months with Canada wide talk. (from $120)
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AstonM wrote: As someone else said, province wide talk only, price goes to $201 for 3 months with Canada wide talk. (from $120)
International minutes are 2.67 cents each, so not a deal-breaker for 95% of people


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