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[Public Mobile] New $30 2 GB Public mobile plan with unlimited talk and text

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  • Sep 17th, 2020 3:41 pm
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Nov 17, 2017
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New $30 2 GB Public mobile plan with unlimited talk and text

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September 17, 2020
Public Mobile
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Starting tomorrow August 7, Public mobile will introducing new $30 plan. 2 GB of 3G data with unlimited Canada wide calling and international text. Matching Lucky mobile's new promotion. This plan may meet certain customer's needs.

For existing customers, can switch to this plan at next renewal.

If you sign up for autopay, $2 per month credit. Then this plan would be $28/month. Further rewards can reduce monthly cost.

This promo plan expires September 17, 2020
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For customers living in Quebec, you will get an extra 0.5 GB for total of 2.5 GB (new customers only though)
public-mobile-public-mobile-unlimited-c ... y-2400712/

For existing customers who change to this plan, Important things to know:
Bonus data will expire if account becomes inactive or the rate plan is changed
Previous promotions that have been applied to the account that have been indicated as ‘non-stackable’ will be removed when you switch to this plan. To see if a promotion you currently have applied to your account is ‘non-stackable’ please check the terms of that specific promotion.

Public mobile uses Telus/Bell towers, so good coverage across Canada
No overages. Once you use up your allotment, the service just stops (ie. data).
Ability to lower costs via various means
https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/on/get-h ... ward-rules
No contract. No credit checks.
Cheaper plans than the big three


No call centre. Any issues with billing, technical, etc. has to go through online forum. It takes time to get things fixed. 

No international roaming, except to USA (need to buy 10 day roaming package)

Long distance calling to certain number of countries (18 - including US and Canada)

Data is 3G (LTE capped at 3mbps) - for most people, should not make a big difference. 

No unlimited data like Lucky (low speed)

No WiFi calling or eSIM.
No VoLTE or HD voice.
No RCS messaging.
BYOD - PM does not sell devices.

Public Mobile plans:
All PM plans include voicemail, call forwarding, Data is 3G speeds (LTE capped to 3G)
$15 - 250 mb data, unlimited incoming, 100 minutes outgoing calls, unlimited international text
$25 1 GB data, unlimited Canada calling, unlimited international text
$30 2 GB data, unlimited Canada calling, unlimited international text (new plan)
$40 5 GB data, unlimited Canada calling, unlimited international text
$50 8.5 GB data, unlimited Canada calling, unlimited international text, US long distance calling
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Oct 2, 2011
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Because I am working from home and don't go out as much, my data usage has gone down 95%~ as I am always on WiFi. I ported over to Public Mobile from Koodo and couldn't be happier, which saved me over $40 per month paying for unused data.
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Jan 10, 2008
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Yup sameThing for me, barely use 1GB a month now out of my 8GB
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Nov 24, 2016
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i think the 25 dollar for 1gb is better. Unless you need the extra 1gb. But 5 bucks for 1 gb is pretty meh.
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Mar 25, 2005
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jdu0ng wrote: Plan MB Cost/MB
$25 1000 40 Existing
$30 2000 66.7 New Plan
$35 3000 85.7 YMMV Plan
$35 2000 57.1 Existing
$40 5000 125 Existing
That's MB per $. So higher is better value.
Aug 22, 2006
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jdu0ng wrote: Plan MB Cost/MB
$25 1000 40 Existing
$30 2000 66.7 New Plan
$35 3000 85.7 YMMV Plan
$35 2000 57.1 Existing
$40 5000 125 Existing
Your Cost per MB seems to be off:
Plan MB Cost/MB
$25 1000 0.0250 Existing
$30 2000 0.0150 New Plan
$35 3000 0.0116 YMMV Plan
$35 2000 0.0175 Existing
$40 5000 0.0080 Existing
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Apr 4, 2006
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jdu0ng wrote: Plan MB Cost/MB
$25 1000 40 Existing
$30 2000 66.7 New Plan
$35 3000 85.7 YMMV Plan
$35 2000 57.1 Existing
$40 5000 125 Existing
Your calculation for cost/mb
1000 mb / $25 = 40

Shouldn't it be
$25 / 1000 mb = .025 cents/mb

Talk and Text cost have been disregarded.
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Mar 31, 2008
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lucky mobile has unlimted slow data after the 2 gb so you can still use email, whatsapp, maps (limted capacity), etc..

on the flip side public has autopay and other loyalty discounts bringing the price lower.
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May 28, 2002
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I switched to Public Mobile's 1GB plan just over a month ago and I am happy with it. Wasn't using much data anyway and the $40/month savings from my prior Bell plan are great.
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May 11, 2009
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Good plan, I'm on the 1GB for $25/mo. glad to have dumped Virgin Mobile.

Only thing is chrome guzzles data at an alarming rate, just browsing RFD, kijiji, and some random sites I hit 1GB no problem. This is with data saver on and background data off, just opening RFD seems to eat like 5MB per view.

Tried Opera Mini but it won't run on maximum power saving mode
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Jun 6, 2010
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Toronto, Ontario
2gb at this price point was a long far cry from the community. They finally hear us.
But it is too late. With the pandemic, 1gb plan from freedom is enough for 1/3 the price.
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Sep 13, 2006
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I was on the $40 plan. Working from home, I have dropped all the way down to the $15 plan. Once I had to drop into using a bit of the free 1GB of data they gave everyone at Christmas. With my credits it's free. I will jump back up when things return to 'normal'

Is this 1.5GB plus 500mb autopay bonus or what?
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Mar 10, 2019
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It's about time that this plan was available in all regions.
Public Mobile client: $60 calls/texts/12.5GB
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Jan 18, 2010
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Public needs to consider unlimited throttle like Lucky/chatr/freedom or rollover like fizz/Shaw.

They are the only one that doesn't offer either.

Still $30 2GB is step in the right direction. Hope they drop the 1gb plan to $20 as well.