Pure Grape Juice (not supermarket stuff)

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Jul 1, 2016
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Pure Grape Juice (not supermarket stuff)

Looking for pure grape juice (no sugar added); not the stuff you find in supermarkets.
A friend gave me a jar; she bought a dozen jars at a farmer's market...
the texture was like that of a really really red wine; slightly sweet.

If anyone has any info where to buy; please let me know.
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
The taste is gonna depend on the grapes
Much like wine

A gazillion years ago when I was a kid

Welch’s sold a 100% Juice version that was without sugars (or sweeteners )
Came in a glass bottle

It was pretty strong stuff ... as far as a flavour profile

My Mom used to dilute it with water for us kids
It was great served cold on a hot summer’s day

Not sure though if they still make it

* lol I just remembered ... this was the same stuff our “puritanical” church would serve as a wine substitute @ Communion when I was a kid too
So I am guessing Welch’s prob still makes it
Ya might want to contact them

Otherwise ... I see you are in Richmond Hill.
So you will probably find a source down in the Niagara Wine Region
Lots of Concord Grape Growers still there
Maybe GOOGLE will help with that search