Question about Federal Goverment job posting

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Sep 11, 2011
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Question about Federal Goverment job posting

I applied for a term job with the Federal Goverment which closed the 3rd week of June/12.
Couple of questions....

1 -The job is a 6 month term position ending Feb/13. How long does it take before they look at applications?

2 - My online application status on their website shows as - Results Available, November 30/12. Does this mean I don't have a chance at the job and they'll let me know in November that I wasn't considered?
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May 28, 2005
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All jobs on you apply for will have a "Results available" date - Sometimes those dates are well in the future. The competition process is very inconsistent - you may hear from them before or well after results are available. That actual date is somewhat meaningless. It will only tell if you have made it through the screening process or not. Even if you are screened in for further consideration you might not get contacted.

I've been screened through for many gov't postings but never contacted directly by the hiring department. Other times i get contacted even before results are available online.