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Question about FOREX conversion

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  • May 11th, 2021 6:31 am
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Sep 3, 2020
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Question about FOREX conversion

We brought some cash in from overseas when we first immigrated. And yet conversion is really difficult because all the conversion houses use online transfers. I can't find an online forex account here that allows me to transact. For eg. Scotiabank has forex accounts but they are categorized as savings accounts - therefore I can't electronically transfer from here. Anyone have any ideas about how to convert cash EUR back into CAD?
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Apr 5, 2016
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Is there no local forex shops around? They can take large cash exchanges.
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Nov 13, 2013
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Yes there are still a few places that take cash. Most offer horrible rates. GTA has a few better rates. Interchange at 1 Younge is the one I know there might be closer options for you.

With Euros it can be easy to find someone who wants them to buy from you at the interbank. Maybe not right now though.